Musical actress Jung Sun-ah. Today (17th)

Musical actress Jung Sun-ah. Today (17th)


Musical actress Jung Sun-ah held her daughter in her arms.

According to a report by X-Sports News on the 17th, Jung Sun-ah was born at a hospital in Seoul today (17th).

Both the mother and child are healthy, and Jung Sun-ah is stabilizing amid the care of her family and the congratulations of her acquaintances.

Jung made her debut with the musical ‘Rent’ in 2002. He has appeared in various works such as Dream Girls, Notre Dame’s Hunchback, Jesus Christ Superstar, Jekyll & Hyde, Aida, Evita, Dracula, Mozart, Wicked, and Bodyguard. He also appeared on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” and became the king of three consecutive wins from 150 to 152 points.

In April 2020, Jung Sun-ah announced the news of her marriage to her lover, a businessman one year younger than her. Later, in October 2021, the following year, the wedding ceremony, which had been delayed due to social distancing caused by COVID-19, was officially held and received a lot of congratulations. Recently, he did good deeds by donating 40,000 diaper sheets for a single-parent family

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