After the 45th homerun FA hit we can’t put him on the bench

After the 45th homerun FA hit we can’t put him on the bench


No matter how many times I do it, it’s too much. Marcus Simian (32, Texas Rangers), who set the most second baseman records with 45 home runs a year ago, fell to the last place of the OPS in 34 games without a home run. As soon as he hit the FA jackpot, he fell into eating and running.

Simian started as the second batter and second baseman against the Los Angeles Angels on the 18th (Korea Standard Time), but only walked one walk without hitting in four at-bats. Simian’s 34 games of the season fell further to a batting average of .157 (21 hits in 134 at-bats) and OPS.432.

Out of 172 batters who filled the regulation at-bats, OPS has the lowest batting average of 170th. He also came in last with a slugging percentage of 172nd (.209). No one knew that Simian, who played a special role until a year ago, would fall this far, no matter how much he said it was a pitching and batting season.

Simian played in all 162 games with the Toronto Blue Jays last year, hitting 173 hits, 45 home runs, 102 RBIs, and OPS.873. He was selected as an All-Star by setting the record for the most home runs in a season as a second baseman and ranked third in the AL MVP. Gold Glove and Silver Slugger were also awarded.

In recognition of his performance, he also made a big hit in the FA market after the season. He signed a seven-year, $175 million contract with Texas. Texas has also built a big keystone combination with Simian by recruiting FA infielder Corey Seager for $325 million in 10 years 토토사이트

Seager also fell short of expectations with a batting average of .242 in 34 games, 32 hits, 8 home runs, and 18 RBIs, but his pace is rising in May compared to April. However, Simian has no home runs in 34 games and 148 at-bats since the opening. All indicators are hitting the worst in the league. It is even more frustrating because there is no sign of a rebound even though it has been two months since the opening.

“Simian has been nominated for AL MVP for two of the past three years, but he seems to be completely lost after arriving in Arlington,” the U.S. “Simian’s problems vary, but they are generally not strong contacts.” He pointed out that the hard hit ratio fell from 41.3% last year to 25.2% and ranked fifth in the league.

Last year, Simian batted .298 with a slugging percentage.He was a special player with 623, but this year he batted .149 with a slugging percentage.It fell sharply to 209. “Texas has invested $175 million in Simian for seven years, so it’s impossible to put him on the bench,” the media said. “We have no choice but to be patient and hope for him to come back soon.”

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