Why would it be Song Hye-kyo? 50-year-old Kim Jong-im

Why would it be Song Hye-kyo? 50-year-old Kim Jong-im reveals the difference between the two actresses


Hong Sung-heun’s wife Kim Jung-im, a former baseball player, stressed the importance of skin care.

Kim Jung-im said on his Instagram on the 18th, “I can’t help getting old because the earth is spinning, but it’s up to each person to protect and care for my skin clean, white and pretty. I don’t think I can get a ticket, but as I get older, there is a big difference later,” he wrote.

“A famous CEO of Entertainment told me to raise my skin without tanning in Hwari’s sun. “Do you know why Lee Young-ae is Lee Young-ae and why Song Hye-kyo is Song Hye-kyo?” “One of the biggest differences between the best actresses and just pretty actresses is their fair skin,” she added.

In the meantime, Kim Jung-im shared close-up photos and the management know-how that she has consistently tried to become a skin beauty, drawing attention from Internet users. In response, one netizen left a question, “Where are you old?” and Kim Jung-im showed a humble side, saying, “I’m getting old.” Then, the Internet user said, “People curse. He said, “Every day, I’m in my prime,” and envied Kim Jong-im’s visuals.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-im has been raising a daughter and a son and a brother after marrying Hong Sung-heun. KBS 2TV’s “Men in the House 2” is receiving a lot of love for revealing their fun family life

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