Causes and symptoms of trichomonas vaginitis

Causes and symptoms of trichomonas vaginitis

trichomonas vaginitis

Have you ever heard of a cold that only comes to women?

I heard this is the modifier for vaginitis.

As such, vaginitis is a very common disease for women.

Therefore, accurate understanding and preparation for vaginitis is needed.

There are also various types of vaginitis, including trichomonas vaginitis, one of the common vaginitis.

Today, we will learn about these vaginitis.

The causes of trichomonas vaginitis vary.

Among them, the common cause is sex. Through sex, you get infected with a worm called trichomonas.

If trichomonas is caused by sex, both men and women should be treated.

However, this trichomonas vaginitis is also known to occur in children with no sexual experience.

One of the reasons is that a parasite called trichomonas can survive in water.

Because you can buy it in water, you can get it in a bath or towel.

So please pay special attention to these areas when you go to the public bath.

In addition, there are various infection paths such as mouth or hand infection, bathrobe infection, toilet infection, etc.

Let’s look at some typical symptoms of trichomonas vaginitis.

Cold is a secretion secreted by women and is a white liquid with an opaque color.

If this amount of cold increases or smells like fish fishy, you may suspect trichomonas vaginitis.

If you have vaginitis, it is often accompanied by itching.

Or you may have pain in the outer part that stings and feels hot.

Trichomonas parasites climbing up the urethra can cause pain during urination and cause negative bleeding.

If trichomonas reaches the bladder, it may cause bladder inflammation.

If you ride the uterus to the pelvis, you can develop pelvic inflammation.

If you experience such symptoms, please visit the gynecologist for medical treatment as soon as possible.

Lastly, I usually avoid overwork and stress.

It is also important to avoid humid environments such as wet clothes.

It’s definitely not medicine, but if you want to take care of your vagina

I think it would be a good option to take female lactobacillus and take care of the vaginal beneficial bacteria.

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