Hidden Jung Hye-in role model Ha Ji-won Crime City 2

Hidden Jung Hye-in role model Ha Ji-won Crime City 2 Ma Dong-seok Action Not accessible


Actress Jung Hye-in revealed her role model.

On the afternoon of the 19th, a video interview with Jung Hye-in, the main actress of the movie “Hidden,” was held.

“Hidden” is a gambling action drama by a female informant who chased gambling tycoon “Black Jack” and put her life into the war of poker, which took 6 billion won. Jung Hye-in played Jung Hae-soo, a female informant who even gives up her life to avenge her friend, and showed her upgraded charisma and action acting.

Jung Hye-in, who has shown action acting several times through OCN’s “Rugal,” the movies “Yeotajja” and “Secret Agreement,” picked Ha Ji-won as the “actress who is good at action” she thinks.

He said, “In addition to Ha Ji-won, many other seniors do a lot of action, and the senior I want to resemble the most and make a role model is Ha Ji-won. He’s just cool. I can feel the aura from the moment I appear to do an action, not because it’s fancy when I do an action. I want to grow up to be a great actor like Ha Ji-won,” he said.

In particular, Crime City 2, which is screened around the same time as Hidden, also deals with crime actions. When asked about the difference between Ma Dong-seok’s action in “The Outlaws 2” and her action in “Hidden,” Jung Hye-in said, “It’s really different. Ma Dong-seok’s action cannot be caught up. When I do the action scene, I sometimes feel that the actions that men do and the actions that women do are different. Men have a physique, so I felt powerful just by punching and kicking. Women wear sleeveless shirts and act, and there is a situation where they are likely to break. Unless we build a lot of muscles, I think it will be hard to follow someone like Ma Dong-seok in power. It’s an action that’s almost impossible.”

“So what I can show you a little bit more was the action line. There is speed, but I can show you action that is like drawing a picture. When I was in my 20s, I did modern dance for a long time. In a way, it’s an action, but I think we can show you an action that adds beauty as if dance continues, not a break between one movement and another,” he said, citing the difference.

Meanwhile, “Hidden” will be released on the 26th

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