Seol Hyun’s meaningful SNS She’s slowly dying thinking

Seol Hyun’s meaningful SNS She’s slowly dying thinking it’s fun What’s going on?

Seol Hyun

Seol Hyun, a member of the group AOA and actress, shared meaningful content.

Seol-hyun posted a part of the book on her Instagram story on the 23rd.

The content in the photo is especially sweet, saying, “Life itself is painful, so even if it is painful, it will not be particularly painful.” It’s painful but it’s not painful. There is no effort in living because it is naturally empty. The world becomes full of good things and good things, he said. “If you want to live, it’s better to fill the world with such things.”

She also said, “The world is full of resentment and living in such a world is just painful. Everyone says they’re suffering from it on their own, and they’re slowly dying under the illusion that they’re having fun or meaningful without any other pleasure, it says. The pain-related phrases cause fans to feel sorry for them.

Meanwhile, Seol-hyun appeared in the recently ended tvN drama ‘The Murder’s Shopping List.’

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