Son Seok-gu is on the rise My Liberation Diary is on the top

Son Seok-gu is on the rise My Liberation Diary is on the top

Son Seok-gu

“My Liberation Diary” and Son Seok-gu both reached the top.

According to the results of the ranking announcement in the third week of May in the Good Data TV hot topic drama category, JTBC’s “My Liberation Diary” ranked first for three consecutive weeks. Compared to the previous week, the topic increased by 18.62%, which is the result of breaking its own record for six consecutive weeks after the first broadcast. In addition, Son Seok-gu and Kim Ji-won have continued to rank first and second in the cast’s topic category for four consecutive weeks. In particular, “My Liberation Diary” continues to have high ratings, surpassing 6% with two episodes left until the end (National standard for paid households in Nielsen Korea)

tvN’s “Our Blues” remained in second place for three consecutive weeks, while MBC’s “Tomorrow” ended in third place with a surge in last-minute buzz. “Tomorrow” rose from 9th to 3rd place with 2.3 times more popularity than 3 weeks ago. The topic of conversation has increased since the time when Kim Hee-sun and Lee Soo-hyuk’s past appearances were introduced.

SBS’s “Again My Life,” up 11.37% from the previous week, ranked fourth, followed by KBS2’s “Red Heart,” tvN’s “Star,” JTBC’s “Green Mothers Club,” tvN’s “Murderer’s Shopping List,” KBS2’s “Love Twist,” and “Currently Beautiful.”

Han Ji-min (3rd), Um Jung-hwa (4th), Lee Jung-eun (6th), and Kim Woo-bin (9th) of “Our Blues” were listed at the top of the cast’s topic category.

Good Data TV’s popularity drama rankings released by Good Data Corporation, a Korean broadcasting content competitive analysis agency, on the 23rd are the results of analyzing netizens’ responses from news articles, blogs/communities, videos, and SNS for 25 dramas that are on air or scheduled from May 16, 2022.

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