Jenny V’s second day of dating GD suddenly changes

Jenny V’s second day of dating GD suddenly changes her finger swear profile picture


Group Big Bang leader G-Dragon, who has been embroiled in rumors of a breakup with group BLACKPINK member Jennie, has changed the profile picture of the fashion brand’s official SNS account to a finger swearing picture.

On May 24, the profile picture of G-Dragon’s official Instagram account “peaceminusonedotcom,” known to be run by his sister, was changed to a finger-cursing picture with only the middle finger raised

G-Dragon is at the center of the topic regardless of his intention. Jennie, who was G-Dragon’s romantic partner in February last year, was embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with group BTS member V on the 22nd, speculating that Jennie and G-Dragon recently broke up, and unconfirmed rumors that Jenny had a “transfer relationship” between G-Dragon and V

In addition to the official Instagram account, G-Dragon’s story of unfollowing (unsubscribe) Jenny’s official Instagram account and her private Instagram account on the closed SNS account “peaceminusone,” which makes friends only with close entertainment colleagues and acquaintances, boosted rumors of G-Dragon’s breakup.

Newsen has contacted Jenny and G-Dragon’s agency YG Entertainment and V’s agency Big Hit Music several times since the morning of the 23rd to check the facts, but has been silent for two days.

YG Entertainment said on the news when rumors of a romantic relationship between G-Dragon and Jenny first surfaced on February 24 last year, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the privacy of the artist. I ask for your understanding,” he said. Apart from the official position of the agency, the relationship between the two is known to be an open fact among industry insiders

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