Information on the cause symptoms of lymphadenitis

Information on the cause symptoms of ear lower neck lymphadenitis

If you suddenly have a lump under your ear or neck, you might be worried that it might be a serious disease.

In these cases, the most common disease can be suspected of lymphadenitis.

Impeditis can be largely divided into viral lymphadenitis and tuberculosis lymphadenitis.

The lymphadenitis caused by the virus is simply responsive to the virus.

It is the swelling or inflammation of the lymph nodes.

These symptoms are also said to be prone to lymphadenitis in areas such as armpits and groin besides the neck.

And lymphadenitis from tuberculosis refers to lymphadenitis caused by tuberculosis.

Anyway, these two lymphadenitis are linked to decreased immunity.

The most obvious symptoms of lymphadenitis are stiffness or pain caused by swelling of the lymphatic glands.

In addition, bruising can occur, general body pain, or fever can occur.

In severe cases, pyrogenic lymphadenitis may cause pus to come out.

However, these symptoms do not appear to everyone, and they may vary from person to person.

Just because you have a lump in your neck or armpit, it’s not all lymphadenitis.

Because if it’s really bad, it could be a cancerous malignancy.

In particular, you may suspect that the mungul did not grow suddenly and that it did not hurt when pressed.

In this case, it is recommended to go to a big hospital and take an ultrasound or CT scan.

If the disease is called lymphadenitis, it usually disappears after a week or two.

In this case, it is helpful to refrain from fatty foods and take vitamins to improve your immune system.

However, in cases of lymphadenitis caused by a virus infection that does not go away naturally,

You can think of it as basic to get medical treatment at a hospital and take medicine.

In this case, it takes 1 to 2 weeks to heal completely, or 3 weeks if it doesn’t heal well.

If it’s not these lymphadenitis, but lymphadenitis caused by pulmonary tuberculosis,

It may take more than six months to get out of the lymphadenitis.

As with all diseases, to cure lymphadenitis, minimize stress.

It would be good to have a regular sleep life and proper exercise.

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