Pre-menstrual Relationship Possibility of Pregnancy

Pre-menstrual Relationship Possibility of Pregnancy (5 days after ovulation) Adverse effects of contraceptives


Q: Hello. I’m a single woman in my early 20s. (FYI, when I was 18, I had my first experience with my classmate, so I had an abortion once.)

I’ll tell you that I had a relationship with my boyfriend last night, a week before my period. It’s a no-con on the 5th after ovulation, so is there a possibility of pregnancy? I’m very worried and worried about taking contraceptives afterwards.

A: The ovulation date is 14 days before the scheduled date of menstruation (5 days before the ovulation date and 3 days after the ovulation date) The chances of pregnancy are slim. However, the menstrual cycle can change at any time. So I’m not 100% sure it’s not.

Let me tell you that vaginal assessment cannot be a perfect contraceptive method. There are very few cases of pregnancy through Cooper’s fluid, so I’d like you to be careful in the future.

In addition, postpartum contraceptives are high-dose hormone drugs and can be purchased at pharmacies only if you have a prescription for obstetrics and gynecology. You need to take the medicine within 72 hours to be effective, and you will have to take it within 24 hours to increase the success rate of contraception.

I can tell you that side effects of post contraceptives include irregular bleeding, abdominal pain, headache, and nausea 비아그라파는곳

Of course, taking contraceptives does not mean that it is 100% effective. If you don’t have your period even after the scheduled date of menstruation, I can tell you that you’d better take an additional pregnancy test. The pregnancy test period is two weeks after the last relationship date. If you take the first urine test in the morning, you can tell you exactly whether you’re pregnant or not. I hope you get a good result. Thank you.

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