I left Cannes without watching Tang Wei’s award ceremony

I left Cannes without watching Tang Wei’s award ceremony I decided to say goodbye

Tang Wei

Actor Tang Wei left Cannes after wrapping up his official schedule at the 75th Cannes Film Festival.

According to a report by Sportiv News on the 25th (local time), Tang Wei finished the official schedule of the movie “Decided to Break Up” scheduled in Cannes the previous day and left Cannes for Nice Airport earlier in the day. The destination is expected to be Korea or Beijing. It is known that it moved according to the scheduled schedule while the official schedule was completed, not the sudden departure.

Tang Wei visited Cannes to star in the film’s official competition category, “Deciding to Break Up.” At 6 p.m. on the 23rd, the World Premiere was successfully completed at the Lumiere Grand Theater, and he expressed his satisfaction with the pouring favorable reviews from foreign media.

In particular, he showed strong trust in coach Park Chan-wook and said, “The director gave me a character like Seorae. Shortly after Premier, I said, “He made my life complete.” That sentence summarizes my work with coach Park,” he said, drawing attention.

As it receives a lot of attention, “Decided to Break Up” is also a work that is likely to win awards in the competition category. Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian, who gave him a perfect five-star rating, said, “Wow, did you just see the winner of the Palme d’Or and Best Actress?” and left a cheerful and strong compliment. Tang Wei’s amazing acting even showed the possibility of winning the Best Actress Award.

There are about three days left until the closing of the Cannes Film Festival and the awards ceremony on the 28th. Tang Wei’s departure from Cannes without confirming the results of the awards ceremony, which is drawing attention as an unusual move. However, as the film festival is still in full swing, there is still room to return to Cannes once the award is visible.

Meanwhile, “Decided to Break Up” is a movie about a detective Hae-hae (Park Hae-il), who investigates a death case in the mountain, meeting the deceased’s wife, “Seorae” (Tang Wei), and feeling both suspicious and interested. The domestic release date is June 29th

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