Moon Hee Jun. So Yul is 7 months pregnant

Moon Hee Jun. So Yul is 7 months pregnant. Her skinny belly is amazing


Soyul, a former member of the group Crayon Pop, shared her recent pregnancy.

On the 26th, Soyul said on her Instagram, “After taking a picture, I found a slipper. I got some water on my clothes and decorated it… I wanted to take it perfectly. Still, he posted several photos with the message “I feel good #Soyul #CrayonpopSoyul #Lulu #Pregnant #7months #Schedule #Blue #I like it.”

In the released photo, So-yul is seen wearing a sky blue dress. So-yul, who has long straight hair, boasts a pure beauty. Even though she is seven months pregnant, So-yul’s recent status as a slim figure is surprising.

Meanwhile, Soyul and Moon Hee-joon, a former member of the group H.O.T., who are 13 years older than Soyul in 2017, got married and have one daughter.

Also, she is currently communicating on YouTube and received a lot of congratulations for her second pregnancy

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