Lee Guk-joo, you were really thin 18 years ago

Lee Guk-joo, you were really thin 18 years ago. Innocent girl, bring back your pretty days

Lee Guk-joo

Comedian Lee Kuk-joo released a picture of her past in 2004.

On the afternoon of the 25th, Lee Guk-joo said on her Instagram, “#Cyworld #Part 2 comments are fun. Let’s have fun here, too.” “LOL #2004,” he posted several photos of how he’s been doing.

In the released photo, Lee Kuk-ju, who was about 18 years ago, is eating jajangmyeon and posing in front of the camera. Lee Kuk-ju’s sleek jawline and innocent visuals catch the eye.

Meanwhile, Lee Kuk-joo is currently appearing on tvN’s entertainment program “Comedy Big League” and communicates with the public through his personal YouTube channel

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