Vision deterioration after LASIK LASEK

Vision deterioration after LASIK LASEK


There are people who lose their physical strength when they have LASIK surgery, but that’s not a big percentage. The easy-to-understand “Please” is, if we lose weight, we lose weight rapidlyThe phenomenon will definitely come. Like you have to take it out slowly and make efforts to maintain it, that person’s body is really strong at trying to maintain it You’re going to have surgery by flattening the middle part of the black pupil

Anyway, the tissue of a living person has been cut off, so there’s a strong regeneration reaction that says, “Honey, it’s back to normal.” One is round. The shape is flat, so you try to restore the original shape You’re not supposed to cut it and connect it I’m not jealous of the laser I’m going to use tomorrow, and after surgery, I’m going to use eye drops for my surgery, and I’m going to use them for my medication, but there’s someone who’s going to be so strong that they tend to grow in proportion to how much money I get before surgery When Ilsan classifies bad eyes, it’s not about how much you treated them, but it’s about how much you should use

If you go over high myopia, you’ll have ultra-high myopia if you go over 5 diopters, because you’re less likely to get surgery, you’re less likely to get rid of it, and you’re less likely to get regenerated, and you’re more likely to get remodeling But especially because it’s myopia, if you take off your glasses, you’ll know if it’s that person who looks like an egg ghost. I can’t recognize your face. For those who come out this much, there’s a lot to shave off when you have surgery 비아그라파는곳

That’s why there’s a lot of regeneration, not to mention ultra-high myopia High myopia Ultra myopia depends on the thesis, but if you look at it seriously, it happens up to 10%

If one out of ten people can’t see it, it’s highly likely that they won’t use it. But the important thing is that even if the outdoor unit falls after surgery, it’s never going to come back to normal

Even if you don’t have ultra-high myopia or nearsightedness, the background is like Eden City. I told you to use 8 glasses before surgery, but after 34 years, the outdoor unit fell off. I came slowly and examined it, and you can use 1.5 glasses

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