V and Jennie are silent about dating They’ve been

V and Jennie are silent about dating They’ve been guessing for a couple earrings


Group BTS member V and BLACKPINK member Jenny have been at the center of rumors of a romantic relationship for a week.

On the 29th, various online communities posted speculation that V and Jenny wore couple items. The article was titled “V, who appeared with Jenny wearing a couple item after the romance rumor,” and said that the two seemed to have worn the same luxury earrings as a couple.

According to the article, V, who left for Washington from Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the morning of the 29th, was wearing earrings. It is said that the product was worn by Chanel Ambassador Jennie in the past.

In response, some netizens suggested that the relationship between V and Jenny is true, and that the two may be wearing couple earrings to show that they are in a relationship. In particular, V had never worn an ear cuff, but most of them said they seemed to be in a relationship after wearing it to the airport.

As a result, V and Jenny have been embroiled in allegations of dating for a week since rumors of dating surfaced. At last, rumors of a romantic relationship are rising as they are suspected of wearing couple items.

Earlier on the 23rd, there was a sighting of Jeju Island dating, which is believed to be V and Jenny, on the online community. In the photo released at the time, there were one man and one woman who were presumed to be V and Jenny. Rumors of a romantic relationship arose because V and Jenny had similar faces.

However, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music and BLACKPINK’s agency YG Entertainment remained silent. Fans were curious about the authenticity of the romance rumor when they saw the truth.

Since then, Jenny has been embroiled in rumors of a transfer relationship with G-Dragon, which was rumored to be dating in the past. V, Jenny, and G-Dragon became the center of the romance rumor and became a hot topic. The romance rumor has been going on for a week.

V and Jenny’s romantic relationship continues day after day, and it raises questions about whether their romantic relationship is true

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