Top 10 most expensive players ever transferred to the FA

Top 10 most expensive players ever transferred to the FA


All of these players were able to be recruited for free. The list of the most expensive players who have moved to free agency has been released.

Soccer statistics media “Transpermarkt” selected the players with the highest value among the players who changed the club to free contracts, saying, “Who made the best deal?” There were several World Class players, and others were also people who took a spot on their respective teams.

First place is Lionel Messi, the “god of soccer.” Messi left Barcelona, which he had been in for a long time, ahead of this season and joined Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Messi showed loyalty to the team, hoping to renew his contract with Barcelona even as he cut his salary, but left for France as Barcelona was unable to join Messi due to financial deterioration. Messi, who moved to PSG, played well in his first season, scoring six goals and 14 assists 토토사이트

The runner-up is Gianluigi Donnarum, Messi’s teammate. Donnarumma, like Messi, started playing for PSG this season. Donnarumma, whose contract with AC Milan expired at the end of last season, demanded a high salary from the club as a condition of renewing his contract, but Milan released Donnarumma as an FA when they recruited Mike Meghan. Currently, PSG is adapting by taking its own opportunities.

Third place is also David Alavada, who has changed his uniform this season. Alaba left Bayern Munich for Real Madrid for a new challenge. Alaba, who immediately played as the main center back, proved his choice was right by winning the league title as well as the recent European Champions League (UCL).

At this point, Roberto Lewandowski, the world’s best striker, is fourth. Lewandowski, who made his name for Borussia Dortmund, began playing for Munich in the 2014–15 season. He has already spent eight seasons in Munich alone and has become the best striker in the best striker. With one year left on his contract with Munich, he is recently connecting to Barcelona.

In addition, Memphis Defai, Leon Goretz, Stephen the Frey, Aaron Ramsey, Nicklas Jule and Adrian Lavio were named. Among them, Ramsey is the only player who is not currently playing for the team that has moved to FA. Ramsey is currently playing for Scotland’s prestigious team Rangers

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