Normal anemia range and anemia ice poisoning?

Normal anemia range and anemia ice poisoning?

If you suddenly stand up under the hot sun, you will feel dizzy for a moment.

In severe cases, your face turns pale and you lose your mind.

The cause of this anemia is the supply of oxygen.

Anemia is directly related to red blood cells in the blood.

Anemia is the lack of red blood cells that provide oxygen all over the body.

Therefore, the anemia level is checked when testing for anemia.

Anemia levels refer to hemoglobin levels in red blood cells.

The level of anemia is 12g/dl for women and 13g/dl for men by the World Health Organization.

However, in the case of children or pregnant women, this number is different, so be careful.

Anemia tends to be much more women than men, and many pregnant women suffer from anemia.

However, this anemia should not be determined by a single test, but by multiple tests.

These days, more and more people drink iced Americano even in winter.

Especially among young people, most of them are looking for ice.

Did you know that the ice addiction you saw without any weirdness can be anaemia-induced ice addiction?

In fact, we observed anemia patients and found that they often suffer from ice poisoning.

And as a result of having these patients take iron, the symptoms of ice poisoning have decreased.

Even so, just because you like ice, it is very premature to think that you are anemic unconditionally.

If you feel lethargic and dizzy these days, and you often find ice,

Please come to the hospital and get an anemia test.

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