Serum Jun’s charismatic unexpected charm pictorial

Serum Jun’s charismatic unexpected charm pictorial will be revealed


“Dazed,” a magazine that presents original content every month based on fashion and culture, released a pictorial and interview of actor Seo Eom-joon, who is loved in the KBS weekend drama “Currently Beautiful,” in its June issue. Leaving behind Su-jae’s sweet side in the drama, he showed off his charisma like a strong brush touch

Seo Eom-joon, who is loved by viewers as the youngest couple, also spoke about actor Choi Ye-bin. “It wasn’t awkward when we first met. Now Ye-bin really feels like Yuna,” she said, showing off her breathing.

When asked about the character Su-jae, he said, “When I first received the script, I couldn’t understand Su-jae. “It seemed like I was just immature, but as I kept thinking about Su-jae, I started to have Su-jae’s mindset without realizing it,” he expressed his affection for Su-jae.

Regarding dramas that deal with universal themes such as “family” and “marriage,” Seo said, “What is family?”I thought it was an easy question, but it was a very difficult question that made me bite my tail the more I thought about it. It made me think about my family again.”

More pictorials and interviews by growing actor Seo Eom-joon can be found on the June issue of “Dazed” and the homepage, Instagram and Twitter, YouTube and TikTok official SNS channels

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