IU’s shoulder brace and Lee Seojin’s porter were also

IU’s shoulder brace and Lee Seojin’s porter were also discriminated Fans are angry


Fans are complaining as IU and Lee Seo-jin seem to have been discriminated against.

In tvN’s entertainment program “Unexpected Journey,” which aired on the 29th of last month, Lee Seo-jin was seen accompanying actor Yoon Yeo-jung to the 94th Academy Awards as a manager.

On the show, Yoon Yeo-jung had an interview after taking a picture on the red carpet, and Lee Seo-jin, who was watching from behind, was holding someone’s bag.

Interpreter Lee In-ah asked Lee Seo-jin, “Whose bag are you holding?” and Lee Seo-jin said, “It’s Jamie Lee Curtis’s.” They asked me to hold the bag for a while. Do you know who I am and leave it to me?”

Jamie Lee Curtis is an actor who starred in the films “Halloween” and “Nives Out.”

However, Jamie Lee Curtis was pointed out as rude as he didn’t say thank you when he went to his bag after the photo shoot. There was also a response that the recognition as an Asian as a porter was racist

Prior to this, singer and actress IU suffered a shoulder push from a French beauty influencer at the red carpet of the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. IU smiled embarrassedly, and it was captured in the official YouTube video of the festival, and fans commented to apologize.

Eventually, the beauty influencer forced her to apologize, but rather was criticized for her actions that seemed to use IU to gain her popularity.

Fans are angry as the racism debate over IU and Lee Seo-jin has erupted at a time when the status of K-content is increasing day by day through “Parasite,” “MINARI” and Netflix series “Squid Game.”

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