Choi Woong’s friend Hong Soo I’ve never been excited

Choi Woong’s friend Hong Soo I’ve never been excited

Choi Woong

Actress Choi Woong and Hong Soo-ah boast of their friendship.

MBC Every1’s “Korean Foreigners,” which will air on June 1, will feature actors Hong Soo-ah and Choi Woong, and comedians Hong Yoon-hwa and Kang Jae-joon to feature “Men’s and Women’s Friends.”

Choi Woong made his debut as a CF model in 2011 and later appeared in various works along with his modeling activities. Recently, he and Hong Soo-ah worked together as a couple in the movie “Touching Warning.”

On this day, MC Kim Yong-man asks Choi Woong, “Have you ever been excited about Hong Soo-ah while filming a movie?” In response, Choi Woong firmly says, “Never,” making Hong Soo-ah angry. On the other hand, the performers around them seem to acknowledge their relationship, saying, “Seeing you answer right away, they are real male and female friends.”

On the other hand, when Choi Woong and Hong Soo-ah’s photos were released, the cast members were shocked. Kang Jae-joon is rumored to analyze the photos of the two and make the recording studio a sea of laughter, saying, “Isn’t this like a couple?” and Park Myung-soo also said, “It’s suspicious that Hong Soo-ah turned toward Choi Woong.” It airs at 8:30 p.m. on the 1st

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