PMS syndrome symptoms: premenstrual fever, chest pain

PMS syndrome symptoms: premenstrual fever, chest pain, lower stomachache

PMS syndrome

A, who has severe mood swings and cravings before menstruation after ovulating.

Women are having a hard time physically and mentally before menstruation.

Perhaps more difficult than menstrual periods is PMS premenstrual syndrome.

The cause of PMS syndrome is that before menstruation, women’s bodies become hormonal imbalances.

Then the serotonin balance breaks down.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls emotional behavior, mood and sleep.

That’s why you get sensitive, depressed, and have a sleep disorder before menstruation.

Also, people who usually enjoy sweet and salty diets, excessive stress, and caffeine,

There are cases where premenstrual syndrome is aggravated.

PMS has major emotional and physical changes.

Emotional depression or anger increases and some people suffer from lethargy severely.

As the serotonin balance collapses, the sensitivity reaches its peak.

During this period, you are easily annoyed by little things and feel depressed, so you can’t do what you have to do.

Also, even if you get enough sleep, you may continue to feel sleepy or have a sleep disorder that you can’

This is also because the serotonin balance is broken.

Also, eating disorders can greatly increase your appetite.

I crave sweets more than usual, and even if I eat, I feel something is lacking.

Some people gain weight and develop severe edema because they find something spicy, sweet and salty.

So I feel more depressed because I think I gained weight after menstruation.

Physically, I suffer from back pain, headache, and chest pain.

Some people suffer so much that it’s uncomfortable to live a daily life and it’s hard to exercise.

I feel like my body is still swollen, and I get edema.

PMS syndrome management says premenstrual syndrome is severe, so if you go to a hospital,

We conduct hormone tests to make accurate diagnosis.

Some treatments are prescribed antidepressants or hormone-control drugs.

Also, health supplements can help relieve premenstrual syndrome.

A type of omega-6, a variety of gammarinoleic acid-rich moonflowering species, purple oil nutritional supplements,

Omega 3, calcium, magnesium, vitamins E and D are said to be helpful for premenstrual syndrome!

Also, if you usually eat spicy, sweet, and salty food, try reducing it during this period.

Reducing flour food can also relieve symptoms.

Premenstrual syndrome, PMS, has different symptoms and different degrees for each person.

The symptoms are different, so the causes are different!

Take health supplements or change your diet, but if your daily life is too difficult,

I think visiting the hospital and getting a prescription would be a wise way to spend this period.

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