Yeo Jin-gu and Moon Gayoung are reunited after 13 years

Yeo Jin-gu and Moon Gayoung are reunited after 13 years

Yeo Jin-gu

Emotional sharing romance visits the small screen.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, an online production presentation was held for tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Link: Eat and Love, Kill Me” (directed by Hong Jong-chan, scripted by Kwon Ki-young, Kwon Do-hwan, abbreviated as “Link”). The event was attended by Yeo Jin-gu, Moon Ga-young, Kim Ji-young, Song Deok-ho, Lee Bom-sori and Hong Jong-chan.

“Link” is a link phenomenon that started again for the first time in 18 years, and it is an emotion-sharing fantasy romance that takes place when a man feels all kinds of emotions of a strange woman. It is a collaboration between Hong Jong-chan, director of “Dear My Friends,” “Memorable,” “Life,” and “Boy Judge,” and Kwon Ki-young, who wrote “Suspicious Partner” and “Everything in My Love.” Yeo Jin-gu and Moon Ga-young’s special acting chemistry is drawing attention.

Director Hong Jong-chan, who directed the movie, said, “When I was tired from the heavy content of the previous work (boy referee), I saw the script for ‘Link’. It was interesting, fun, and warm. If I directed this work, I participated in it because I thought that tired people like me would enjoy watching it. We’re having fun filming it.”

Yeo said, “It was like a well-made dish while reading the script. Various genres were mixed well and there was a sense of balance. I wanted to try it while thinking, “Can I do it?” I thought I should try it, so I challenged myself,” he said.

As for the emotion-sharing acting, I thought, “This character came out while reading the script.” It was hard to explain, but it seemed difficult to act. There was no work to be referred to. I think we expressed it while communicating with our imagination. Fortunately, I was able to do well thanks to the coach’s consideration on the spot. “I wanted to hear compliments from him, ‘He’ he said with a smile.

Director Hong Jong-chan said, “There was nothing I could help as a director. When I saw him up close, he did a great job. I’m telling you. You did a great job.” Yeo Jin-gu repeatedly said, “Thank you,” to coach Hong Jong-chan’s rave reviews.

Moon Ga-young said, “The script is very warm. There is also an interesting subject. There was no reason not to appear. It would be fun to see the characters change after meeting various characters, he said. “Among them, the subject of link phenomenon is fresh. It’s a good device for a melodrama. If it’s another work, there must be a misunderstanding, but in this work, it’s a good device that recognizes my mind.”

“I observe the other person carefully to express the link phenomenon. We are facing special experiences and moments,” he said.

In response, host Park Seul-ki asked Yeo Jin-gu, “Do you think Moon Ga-young’s feelings were delivered well?” Yeo Jin-gu said, “(Moon Ga-young) has clear eyes, nose, and mouth, so I could feel the emotions well.”

This is the site of the production presentation that keeps smiling. The Link team boasts extraordinary teamwork. Among them, Yeo Jin-gu and Moon Ga-young will be reunited through “Link” for the first time in 13 years since “Jamyeong High School.”

Yeo Jin-gu scored 100 points out of 10. It feels very new to see you after a long time. It’s not just ‘I have to work hard’. I usually talk about my work a lot on the spot, but I recalled my memories while talking about the past,” he said adding, “I think the affectionate feelings that Gye-hoon and Dahyun had to express were helpful during this conversation.” That’s why I feel more emotional,” he said.

Moon Ga-young also said, “Children are in the play. I felt strange when I saw them. At that age, I acted with Yeo Jin-gu, he said. “Yeo Jin-gu said, ‘We always look forward when we film or work, and while filming with me, we look back on the past for the first time.’ I’m proud of us,’ he said. That was really touching. So I think it’s more encouraging because we’re talking about the past and knowing each other’s past while filming.”

The two people form a special consensus. It is a “link” that is expected to perform these passionately. Director Hong Jong-chan said, “I enjoyed the script, but it was hard when I tried to direct it. There were mixed genres. I didn’t take a break because I wanted to make a production that viewers could enjoy, he said. “I didn’t work with any directing points or answers even before the shoot. Each character came out while working with the actors in the scene. Through the actors, I naturally take the direction of directing,” he said.

Link is a work that not only shares emotions but also incorporates mysteries. It is a complex genre and does not tell the story only through romance between men and women. As actors say, “No spoilers,” attention is being paid to whether it will be a work that solves the mystery of “Link.”

Link, which heralds the birth of a new romance thriller with extraordinary stories, premieres Monday, June 6, at 10:30 p.m

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