Taiwanese paparazzi Wang So-bi claims she pushed Seo Hui-won

Taiwanese paparazzi Wang So-bi claims she pushed Seo Hui-won, nine months pregnant

Wang So-bi

Taiwan’s local paparazzi, who exposed the affair of Taiwanese actress Seo Hee-won’s ex-husband, has made another shocking claim, causing a stir.

Taiwanese paparazzi Gutsuchi revealed on social media live on the night of the 31st that Wang So-bi released a photo of a woman she dated, while roughly pushing Seo Hee-won, who was about to give birth.

Gutsuchi argued with Wang So-bi when Seo Hee-won was nine months pregnant, and an angry Wang So-bi pushed Seo Hee-won, who was pregnant, and actress Jin Geon-ju, Seo Hee-won’s best friend, hit Wang So-bi.

The paparazzi previously revealed that Wang So-bi had an affair when she was married to Seo Hee-won, and denied that Wang So-bi was not true on her SNS account. In the meantime, he argued that Seo Hee-won had been illegally prescribed drugs for a long time, causing a stir. Seo Hee-won explained, “I have never committed an illegal act.”

On the other hand, regarding Paparazzi’s new claim, Seo Hee-won’s mother asked the Taiwanese media Samlip Newspaper Network on the 1st, “Does he (Paparazzi) live in my house?” “My daughter was pushed away, and I, as a mother, wouldn’t let my daughter suffer,” he said, denying the paparazzi’s claim.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese actor Seo Hee-won married Wang So-bi, a Chinese businessman one year younger, in 2011 and had two children, but divorced in November 2021. Seo Hee-won married Koo Jun-yeop in February

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