Overcoming the cruise pandemic we’re going to Korea with

Overcoming the cruise pandemic we’re going to Korea with the top gun


Tom Cruise will meet with domestic audiences from the 20th of next year ahead of the release of the blockbuster movie “Top Gun: Maverick” (director Joseph Kosinski).

Tom Cruise will visit Korea before and after the “Top Gun: Maverick” promotion in Japan. In fact, he has been coordinating his visit to Korea for several months and has even changed his domestic release schedule. Since then, it has not been easy due to quarantine and quarantine related to the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), so talks have been exchanged toward not visiting Korea. However, it is rumored that the actor’s willingness to go to Korea was stronger than ever and the quarantine situation in Korea changed, leading to a successful visit to Korea.

Nicknamed “Tom Brother” and “Uncle Tom,” Tom Cruise is a representative “close actor” who is called a star who loves Korea more than Koreans. Over the past 20 years, he has met with domestic audiences in Korea ahead of the release of films such as the Mission Impossible series and Jack Reacher, and will visit Korea ahead of the “Top Gun: Maverick” to hold special events.

“Top Gun: Maverick,” which will be released on the 22nd, is an aviation action blockbuster that tells the story of new team members who will be put into a life-and-death mission with Maverick (Tom Cruise), the best pilot who made a comeback as an instructor. After being unveiled at the World Premier in the United States last month, it was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, leading to favorable reviews from around the world. All the votes, including Premier Screening and press previews, were sold out, drawing keen attention. The first movie I saw in Cannes is an entertainment movie that is good to enjoy in theaters, and the action of Tom Cruise is also impressive.

Tom Cruise, known for his bare body action, also showed his passion for performing all the actions himself in “Top Gun: Maverick.” He reportedly visited the U.S. Navy Air Corps to persuade them to board the F-18 fighter jet. In addition, with producer Jerry Brookheimer, he developed a camera that can film the inside of the cockpit in the fighter jet and tried to capture all the flight scenes.

At the 75th Cannes Film Festival, which opened on the 17th of last month, Tom Cruise showed “Top Gun: Maverick,” regaining the pre-pandemic heat and successfully opening the festival. Traffic in the area was paralyzed as movie fans flocked to see him. The Cannes Film Festival held a special event to fly Air Force fighters during the Premier Screening red carpet, and showed the best courtesy by screening a tribute video containing the life story of a Hollywood representative action actor.

Tom Cruise, who is breaking through the pandemic, is expected to play a role in raising the atmosphere of the theater to the fullest. The daily number of spectators surpassed 1.45 million on the 1st, which was a local election holiday. Tom Cruise’s visit to Korea and the release of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ are expected to ignite the movie box office success

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