Will it damage the growth plate of a child’s fracture?

Will it damage the growth plate of a child’s fracture?


Children have a lot of sports to do, and if you look at the statistics over the past decade, the degree and frequency of injuries have been increasing very steadily One of the most important reasons for that is that in the past, the level of play was the button, but recently, the sports gavin has been organized

For example, after the Children’s Baseball Team and the Children’s Soccer Team are formed, we’ll continue to play in different leagues. If you answer like that, you’ll have a lot of practice. It’s called competition, but it’s going to get more competitive Therefore, the damage is becoming more frequent and the degree of injury is getting worse

There are two main categories of sports damage Acute trauma and chronic overuse syndrome, both of which give the growth plate a dose

In the case of acute injury, fracture occurs in other matters. Unfortunately, if a fracture passes through the growth plate, some of the growth plates may be shortened or deformed, and in the case of baseball players, I keep doing it repeatedly

If you do that, there are growth plates on your shoulders and elbows, and you can give them a tour of the product, and later transform the buttons, and in severe cases, the rotational displacement, or in severe cases, the cleft of the growth plate, etc. can occur Finally, tell me what are the ways to prevent it, and there’s no way to completely prevent damage to the sport, and there’s a way to exclude the commissioners from spacecraft 비아그라파는곳

Children who participate in organized sports have a basic medical checkup before participating in the sport, so children with major long-term heart or lung problems can treat it first, and then reduce injuries by participating in sports, and if they do other sports-related activities, they need a lot of nutrients

It would be great if children who are unbalanced or lack nutrients can be prevented by providing enough moisture or medication before exercising There are dangerous exercises In the case of bicycling, we made them wear protective gear or protective gear, so even if they get injured, it can be a precaution to reduce that extent

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