It is important to prevent vascular dementia

It is important to prevent vascular dementia


It refers to a condition in which a person is interfered with daily life in two or more of memory, language, judgment, space-time, and calculation skills due to various reasons It’s called vascular dementia whether it’s caused by various cognitive problems If there is an abnormality in the blood vessels in the brain, it is difficult to maintain brain blood flow, which decreases or loses its function, resulting in dementia

Vascular dementia caused by repeated cerebral infarction, which is more blocked than cerebral hemorrhage, so you can see that the cognitive function of Alzheimer’s dementia management continues to move back and forth a little bit In addition, if the personality changes due to the sudden onset of symptoms such as decreased motivation to fill the personality rather than memory audit, it can lead to dementia if the symptoms of nodules appear together in places such as pronunciation disorder or swallowing paralysis

People with high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, smoking, heart disease, obesity, adult diseases, or bad habits can get dirty on the walls of the blood vessels and get high for no reason to leave them, leading to vascular dementia These days, young people have high fever and obese adult diseases due to westernized lifestyle, so be careful Because family members have it rather than nutrition, it can appear in the form of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure, which can have an indirect effect

Unfortunately, many studies are being actively conducted, but there is no definite cure or method because the exact cause is not yet known But conversational dementia is preventable, and early detection can prevent further progression Early diagnosis can correct the cause and receive treatment early on, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and receiving appropriate support from family and society

It can also prevent safety accidents and other large and small accidents in advance, and families can take long-term measures The main treatment is medication Several anti-thrombotic agents to prevent recurrence of cerebrovascular disease Some of the restrictions on brain function improvement are typical, and if we make corrections for behavioral behavior such as delusional anxiety aggression, we use them together because they are weak 비아그라 구입처

In addition to drugs, you can also expect to improve cognitive function through various non-pharmaceutical treatments such as humit qualitative exercise and recreational activities in the music and art studio First of all, it’s important to prevent high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise Regardless of age, you need to check your blood cholesterol with a lot of interest to see if your blood pressure hurts or you have a lot of blood sugar Use your brain well, live actively, laugh a lot, and live a bright life

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