Lee Se-young gained 8kg on purpose but she’s not here

Lee Se-young gained 8kg on purpose but she’s not here Thanks to her luxurious charms

Lee Se-young

Lee Se-young showed off her elegant visuals.

On the 7th, actress Lee Se-young posted several photos on her Instagram.

In the photo released, Lee Se-young is filming an ad. In particular, Lee Se-young is attracting attention with her sleek visuals and clear features. I can feel the elegant and elegant atmosphere.

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young also drew attention by saying that she gained 8kg in the process of playing the role of a successful fan in the popular MBC drama “Clothes and Sleeves Red End-dong.”

In addition, Lee Se-young chose KBS 2TV’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Love the Law” as her next film. “Love By Law” is a “heart-throbbing best rule of law romance” between Kim Jung-ho, a former prosecutor-turned-building owner and Kim Yu-ri, a four-dimensional lawyer, surrounding the law office and cafe “Law Cafe.” Lee Se-young plays the role of Kim Yu-ri, a four-dimensional lawyer and tenant who boasts of her outstanding appearance but cannot stand injustice

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