The answer is hidden in the remaining competition wondering

The answer is hidden in the remaining competition wondering about LCK Summer’s final ranking.


For LCK, summer is a time when the term “greatest” is used. This is because all teams desperately play in the game as they have the right to advance to the League of Legends World Championship as well as the regular season ranking. As such, the LCK summer season has always been fierce and competition for the rankings has always been fierce until the end.

This year, LCK is having a hot summer. This is because even though there are only three to four games left for each team, the top ranking has yet to be confirmed. In terms of figures, from No. 1 Nongshim Red Force to No. 5 T1, there is a fog situation in which as many as five teams can take the lead. Who will be the team that will be named the highest in the summer? The answer lies in a team-by-team match.

At the beginning of the summer season, Zenzi, who had won seven consecutive victories, was sharply discouraged in the second round. In particular, it is painful for Zenzi that he has collapsed in the game against teams that are likely to encounter in the playoffs such as Damwon-Kia, T1, Rib Sandbox and Africa Freex.

One good thing is that the number of wins accumulated in the first round is “still” ample.

Despite Zenzi’s poor performance of 3 wins and 4 losses in the last seven games, he was able to keep the second place in the league because of his favorable performance in the early first round. In fact, the gap between Zenji and Nongshim in number alone is not that big, with one win and two. In addition, Genji has played one less game than Nongshim. It’s a enough gap to reverse.

However, the remaining match between T1 and Damwon Kia is a rather burdensome factor for Zenji. Zenzi lost 0:2 in the first round, when T1 was reeling, and gave up the game in vain without much resistance in the match against Damwon Kia. Nongshim and “Giant Slayer” Freddie Brion, who are leading the league, are also tricky.

Eventually, Genji’s fate depended on the T1. If Genji can decorate the remaining matches with a pleasant victory, he could have another chance to challenge for the top spot of the regular season following the 20 spring. Obviously, Zenzie has a chance, too.

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