BLACKPINK JENNIE’s open bed is 170 million won

BLACKPINK JENNIE’s open bed is 170 million won


The interior of Jenny’s luxurious house by girl group BLACKPINK has been unveiled.

Ritesum Yoo-jung, Nayoung, and interior designer Jason appeared on the cable channel Mnet’s “TMI SHOW,” which aired on the afternoon of the 8th.

On the show, Boom ranked Jenny as the third most important thing in the “expensive interior design of a star that makes you want to own it,” adding, “What Jennie thinks is comfort,” adding, “Jenny’s bed is a product of H, whose signature is blue check. It is said that more than six craftsmen work for up to six months on a custom-made basis. The bed, which will also be delivered to the Swedish royal family, costs about 170 million won,” he said, surprising.

Boom continued, “The sofa is a product of French company R and is designed with the motif of ‘a balloon floating on a cloud in a fantasy’. Jennie has a set of armchairs from the same brand. The price of the product is about 9.6 million won and about 5.90 million won, respectively, and the round chair is designed about 50 years ago, but it is said that extreme comfort is an advantage. The price is about 3.2 million won, it added.

Lastly, Boom said, “Jenny’s hobby is music. Italian company B’s speaker, a must-have for people who like music, is a speaker that represents a person who likes music, and the refrigerator is from U.S. luxury home appliance brand S, and the price is about 40 million won. Jenny’s estimated total interior is about 244 million won.

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