Molar implant (partial correction) Usually, it’s chewing noodles

Molar implant (partial correction)


Usually, it’s chewing noodles. If you look at gold teeth, most people have a flat surface, but whether it’s genetic or acquired, I’d like to talk to you about cases where the winding is a little step-wise or bumpy If you take those steps or if the school gate is not flat, the food gets stuck easily, and if you win, you may feel pain, but what’s more dangerous is that the food gets stuck, so you end up with a cavity in between

The patient has a dent in the occlusal surface, so it’s not because there’s a cavity, but because there’s a crack on the other side of the tooth, so I pulled it out and had an implant on the bottom, and if you put it on the top, you can’t make it flat on the top, like I just like I said

If you make it flat, it’s not going to be sweet, so for example, when you make it today, you have to make a cake, so you can end up with five minutes of food stuck in between, and so on the other side effects like that These are actually important issues that, in a way, can cause problems if you don’t recognize the patient’s problems and just crown them

In that case, I’d like to talk to you about the treatment that prevents problems that can occur with crowns and height, and because it’s one of my medical philosophy that I don’t care about teeth, I’d like to correct my anger and prevent food running 비아그라 구입처

He’s a diligent newbie on the left. He has a small wisdom tooth. He said his molar hurts at the end When you look at the panorama, you can’t see it clearly, so I took a small picture and saw some inflammation on our side

Inflammation means that the nerves inside are dead, and I’m going in to do neurological treatment, and as you can see, there’s a lot of gold until the end of the day, and it’s already so cracked that my heart is dead and my house is inflamed that I can’t live with it’s been extracted and implant

I’m going to plant an implant, and the problem is, if you look at it again, you’ll see that the teeth are steady It looks like it’s a bit down. I think I’ve won a lot of food If you wear an implant and make a prosthetic, you’ll have to make a prosthetic in a slightly lowered state to have it with it

The problem is that the corners are counted and the other way around, so if you do it like this, I’ll just do it softly so that the steps don’t go in. But I can’t rule out the possibility of putting in the food. But if you make it like this, the food can be put on the patient

If you make a mistake and agree with it, we’ll proceed with the crown I already know these things, so I have to ask the patient if he’s going to modify his face in advance. He has a duty as a knight, so if you look at him, he’s crooked, but he’s still not physically strong If you look at it, it’s already broken, so the top part might be less broken, but if you look from the side, you can see that there’s a big difference

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