Jang Dong Min’s father is bankrupt and he’s in a financial

Jang Dong Min’s father is bankrupt and he’s in a financial conflict with YouTube PD. All trust is broken

Jang Dong Min

Comedian Jang Dong-min’s father, Jang Kwang-soon (Jang Jang), is in conflict with the YouTube channel production team.

On the 9th, on the YouTube channel “That’s It”, I said, “Hello, I’m PD Kim.” A video titled ‘I’m telling you the fact about it’ was posted.

In the released video, Jang Kwang-soon came forward and said, “I didn’t have the authority to do it, so I stayed still even if I lowered the video, rather than arguing about the mistake of putting it down and uploading it. I can’t say ‘don’t lower the video’. Producer Kim also makes and upload videos. I didn’t know how much the YouTube company was giving me, so I came all this time.”

He then said, “Since November last year, PD Kim has said, ‘I don’t want to do it’ and said, ‘How much do you want to take the video?’ As we talked about money, I couldn’t answer because I didn’t have that kind of money,” he added.

Producer Kim also refuted YouTube profits, unfair contracts, and reasons for closing the channel. He said, “I got a call from Jang Jang (hereinafter referred to as Jang Kwang-soon) around February 2019, and at that time, Jang was in a difficult situation to live after the business went bankrupt. He wanted to appear on the show, but it was impossible, so he suggested that I try YouTube,” he said, revealing how he first started working on YouTube with Jang Kwang-soon.

Regarding YouTube’s profits, he explained, “At the time, the profit distribution was 5 to 5, but the production costs (oil prices, office usage fees, tax processing costs, all other costs and fixed expenditures) were set separately,” adding, “There was no profit during the initial 10 months and the cost of production was spent by me and others.”

He also countered, “Jang Kwang-soon demanded cash for the proceeds because he was inevitable to trade in his bank account due to personal bankruptcy, and paid exactly in cash for 26 months when the profits were generated.”

As for the reason for closing the channel, “Jang Kwang-soon unilaterally notified us that he had produced a fishing village diary without a word of discussion. When asked if he could watch the edited video, he refused, and the video of the fishing village diary was unilaterally uploaded without discussion, he said. “We confirmed it through YouTube, and both Jang and his trust collapsed. I was thrown up,” he confessed.

Finally, PD Kim hinted at a hard-line response to some Internet users, saying, “It is very painful due to comments that misunderstand me, and I will take legal action against comments that spread false information and defamation against me.”

Meanwhile, Jang Kwang-soon appeared on various entertainment programs such as MBC’s “Radio Star” with his son, Jang Dong-min, and created the buzzword “That’s it.” The YouTube channel “That’s It,” which Jang Kwang-soon has released in rural life, has 230,000 subscribers as of the 9th

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