It’s still awkward to be a full-time score civilian

It’s still awkward to be a full-time score civilian.


“Score” Ko Dong-bin, who joined the army in January 2020, was discharged from the military after a year and six months of military service on the 1st. He also turned on his personal broadcast a little after midnight on the 2nd, announced his return, and had time to communicate with his fans.

“It’s awkward that I’m still a civilian,” said Score, who responded to a short written interview with Inventory. “I’m glad that I was discharged safely,” he said.

“I think people who don’t know me often recognized me because I published articles on the day I joined the army,” he added. “I don’t think I was comfortable in the military because I was good at LoL.” It’s not an environment where we can play LoL together. Rather, I was considered a little by little because of my age.

Asked how he is doing, he said, “I am playing LoL from time to time. “There are more various champions than I thought, so it was good to enjoy the solo ranking.” In fact, he is constantly changing his solo ranking and has a winning rate of 55 percent and a master of 247 points as of the morning of the 3rd.

Lastly, “Score” said, “Thanks to your love, I was able to live in the military a little more comfortably.” “I hope that the fans are always healthy and that everything that you do goes well,” he thanked the fans.

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