Each paparazzi chased by Princess Diana sold her photo

Each paparazzi chased by Princess Diana sold her photo for 4 billion won, and her purpose was money


JTBC’s “World Dark Tour,” a historical travel entertainment program that visits the scene of tragic and terrible events in world history, has begun its first broadcast.

The first episode of JTBC’s “World Dark Tour,” which aired on the 9th, aired the death of Princess Diana of the United Kingdom in 1997, who died in a sudden traffic accident at the age of 36.

Actress Park Ha-na, Lee Jung-hyun, British man Peter Bint, Jang Dong-min, and Park Na-rae, who are in charge of the dark side of the comedy world, took the tour bus together and left the dark tour.

Kim Ji-yoon, a history instructor who was a tour guide, said, “Diana Bee and Korea have a special relationship. In November 1992, I came on my last overseas trip at the invitation of President Roh Tae-woo, and they are getting divorced a month after visiting Korea,” he said.

Prince Charles proudly continued his affair with Diana of the prestigious Spencer family over his wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, and suffered a marital feud.

Eventually, Diana divorced in 1996, after 15 years of marriage, and died in a mysterious car accident exactly a year after the divorce. At that time, Diana was in a relationship with Egypt’s rich Dodi Alfa Yed, and there was a traffic accident while speeding away from the paparazzi.

Park Na-rae said, “That’s almost an award ceremony,” after seeing a photo of Diana, who was followed by paparazzi all day long. Isn’t that too much?” he said angrily. Diana, who escaped from the back door of the hotel with her boyfriend Dotty to avoid the persistent paparazzi, was killed in a car rollover accident in a tunnel in Paris, France.

At that time, many paparazzi vehicles chased after Diana, but it was reported that they pointed at the camera instead of the rescue. Jang Dong-min said, “How can you do that? It’s absurd.” Money was the reason why they filmed Diana so much.

Instructor Kim released a vacation photo of Diana and Dotty, who decorated the cover of the British mirror paper at the time, saying, “Diana’s every move made money.” Photos of the two playing in the water at vacation spots were sold for 400 million won per sheet at the time.

He said, “When I think about 1997 it’s about 4 billion won now. This happened because the media bought the paparazzi for a large amount of money,” he said.

Meanwhile, the show covered a number of allegations, including the investigation into the accident, which was still full of suspicions after the death of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who were blamed for the shocking incident, and a letter written by Princess Diana before her death

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