Crown lifetime (inflammation of cavities)

Crown lifetime (inflammation of cavities)


Old crowns now have to be cut off and used glue to put crowns on their teeth when they’re missing, but just like the glue that we use in our daily lives, there’s no permanent cement, just like there’s no permanent cement

So, even if you send money, the cement space melts and microorganisms into the fine space, so the microorganisms go in well, and the important thing is that if you go into a metallurgy server, you’ll get some proper treatment when you have anaerobic bacteria

If you go into the deepest part of the airless crown, you can start from the left, and you can’t feel your teeth in the sea because you don’t have any nerves, and even if you don’t have any neurological treatments, you can die without any symptoms When I became a dentist and I was in the car, I was a bit suspicious when I asked the patient to treat it while hearing the expensive cost

If you do that, you’ll have to pay for your car because you don’t have teeth to hold it, and you’ll end up with a sad situation where you can’t use your car, so you’ll have to see if you’ve paid a lot of money, but you can’t check any cavities in the crown It doesn’t even come out on X-rays 비아그라 판매처

In fact, he said he wanted to use his teeth because he had gum disease and nerve treatment, but he had to take it off and continue with nerve treatment, so he was trained with his teeth

When you use a pointed house, it goes in here, so I think you need to open it up I took it off after I took it off When you come here, you have a big cavity on both sides, and you have a cavity and it’s deep, so you end up with neurological treatment As you can see from the X-ray, the Chihuahua next to it is running, and you can actually see the world’s problems, but if you look at it, it’s a draft where there’s nothing white

The cavity is deeply decayed, but without any symptoms and no problems, the patient took it off a little bit, and when you took it off, you didn’t know until you had a big dance Because of these things, if you have a tire patch, you’ll have to look at the chart, but even if you say it’s rotten, it doesn’t feel any pain or any strange sensation. If it’s old, it’s cement concrete, it’s microorganisms. If it ends up on the head, it’s soft. If it’s soft, it’ll just fall into crown

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