Kim Gunmo was rejected for more than a year

Kim Gunmo was rejected for more than a year

Kim Gunmo

Singer Kim Gun-mo and pianist and composer Jang Ji-yeon are in the process of divorcing after three years of marriage, and it has been alleged that Kim Gun-mo first demanded a divorce.

Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter, said on YouTube on the 13th, “Kim Gun-mo was embroiled in allegations of sexual assault and soon began to separate from Jang Ji-yeon.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “Kim Gun-mo is said to have been deeply disappointed after the disclosure of the Center for Perimeter and Vertical Studies (Ga Se-yeon). This is because the reputation that has been accumulated due to the revelation that is not true has fallen overnight, he said. “The health of not only Kim Gun-mo himself but also his mother, Lee Sun-mi, has deteriorated rapidly.”

“Kim Gun-mo eventually chose to separate from Jang Ji-yeon as a shock to the world soon after. Jang went back to her parents’ home, and the two of them had time to think for a while.

According to Lee Jin-ho, Kim Gun-mo failed to grasp her heart even after her separation and expressed her intention to divorce Jang Ji-yeon. He said, “Since then, the divorce has not occurred for more than a year, but it was because of Jang Ji-yeon’s love for Kim Gun-mo.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “Jang Ji-yeon couldn’t organize her mind easily as it was a difficult marriage,” adding, “It wasn’t Kim Gun-mo’s fault, so more than a year passed in the end, and the two even went to divorce settlement.” Only recently, we have succeeded in reaching an agreement smoothly and decided to go our separate ways,” he said.

Earlier in December 2019, Ga Se-yeon raised suspicions that Kim Gun-mo sexually assaulted a woman A who worked as a receptionist at an entertainment establishment in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul in August 2016.

However, in November last year, the prosecution found Kim Gun-mo not guilty and dismissed him

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