Seulgi’s student Kim Junhan and Suji Ambitious guy

Seulgi’s student Kim Junhan and Suji Ambitious guy to get married


Kim Joon-han will show another side through the Coupang Play series “Anna.”

The Coupang Play series “Anna” is about a woman who started a completely different life, starting with a small lie.

Kim Joon-han, who proves a wide acting spectrum for every work, including the movies “Park Yeol,” “Her Story,” “Beasts I Want to Grab a Straw,” as well as “Wise Doctor Life,” a resident doctor who goes straight to a unrequited professor, joins “Anna” and challenges a new character.

“Jihoon,” played by Kim Joon-han in “Anna,” is a representative of a promising venture company that has made itself at a young age. As a person who pursues a goal-oriented life with extraordinary ambition, she chooses to marry Anna (Suzy), who has a similar aspect to her.

“I went through a lot of trouble to express the ironic and enigmatic aspect of Ji-hoon in three dimensions,” Kim Joon-han said, adding that he will increase the tension of the play by pushing Anna with non-committal in any way to realize his desires.

About Suzy, who worked together, said, “We worked so well together. We talked about a lot of things and worries even before the shoot, and we discussed with each other during the shoot and enjoyed working on the work,” he said, provoking curiosity about their acting synergy.

The Coupang Play series “Anna,” which shows the true face of rising actor Kim Joon-han, will be available every Friday at 8 p.m. starting on the 24th.

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