Burn in hot water (3 degrees) Difference in color of skin color

Burn in hot water (3 degrees) Difference in color of skin color


This patient was burned by hot water as a child I was hospitalized at a burn hospital and had a third degree burn, so I had a wider skin graft on my jaw I applied a lot of textures to my normal skin, and the color difference between my cheeks and face. And the scar on my neck was also skin grafted It’s important to make the texture similar to the texture of the skin because it’s different skin grafting purposes I’ve had several surgeries, not one, to get better after all the treatment at the make-up hospital

Under the left chin, on the right side of the skin, one for a purpose, and one for Kim Eui Tae. It’s in the middle of the neck There’s a lot of hair in the middle of the Adam’s apple You can say that you take the blanket out of your groin and get skin grafts The treatment method is that the duodum is not good on the jaw of the bulgogi bride and the neck, and because it’s shaped like a lot of movement, you can say that if you turn off the dressing method and put it on a big walk like this, it’s uncomfortable for the patient

It’s good for activities if you stick the duodum in several pieces so that it doesn’t overlap I divided the dressing into several pieces At first, Gyodong itself is itchy, so patients who do it for the first time go home and feel itchy What should I do?There are times when they feel very uncomfortable It was the same for you

The first was treated and treated weakly, but I could say that I’m trying to hide a little bit when I get a tablet, and I prescribed antihistamines not the same I got better after taking the medicine

And the second one will come out I bought a steroid shot this time If you look here, there’s a cringe-worthy smell under the chin As far as I remember, it’s a hard part like a rock

It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s thick underneath the skin, it’s hard, but to get rid of it, I got a steroid injection, and the second time you look at it, you can see that there’s a hole in the whole thing I put some shots in a crumpled place You’ll see a burn scar for the third time  비아그라 파는곳

I got two steroid injections in a circle, and I treated the third one of them, and I had a photo check with the patient, so I got a separate one, and the third one, more than the first one, made the bumpy one a lot easier I can say that I’m talking about this because I’m stuck I was judged as impossible to treat, but now I have hope, so I’m being treated happily

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