Women’s Butt Touch Bed Alone Eden 15 is a decoration?

Women’s Butt Touch Bed Alone Eden 15 is a decoration?


As the male cast member Lee Seung-jae said at the end, “Why are you doing this?” Why is Eden really doing this?

First aired on June 14, iHQ ‘Eden’ is a love reality that depicts a six-day stifling romance that is faithful to instinct and pursues only love. Like “Soljiok,” which advocated the Korean version of “Two Hot,” the main focus is on men and women winning love in accommodation on the beach.

The detailed concept of using informal speech instead of honorifics that can form a pecking order without disclosing any information other than the name does not feel very different. Eden also chose a strong “filling with his body” strategy from the first broadcast, perhaps because he felt he lacked the weapon to differentiate himself.

The slow motion, which scans from bottom to top whenever performers in swimsuits appear, is basic, and encourages male and female performers to come close to each other when playing body dodge ball, the first activity, making MC Bomi cry, “I see you for the first time in Korea.” Enjoying activities and winning benefits for the winner is a picture that has been shown countless times in other love reality.

On top of that, Eden tried to raise the saturation with a hot color. Soon after Kim Chul-min grabbed Sun Ji-hyun’s paired back and put her hand on her hips, the production team showed it over and over again, creating an embarrassing atmosphere rather than showing it. Bomi was worried, “Is this going to be on the air?” and Shimizu blushed, saying, “Didn’t the camera director catch it because he said, ‘That’s it?'”

The sight of beautiful men and women showing off their wonderful bodies and immersing themselves in the game was a magnificent sight that would make viewers happy, even if it was their first time meeting. However, it was neither natural nor exciting to see the production team’s decision to touch the woman’s buttocks by burning something that might be competitive or other desires, and to show it in close-up. Will the person involved, Sun Ji-hyun, be able to readily accept the fact that her butt fills the screen? Kim Chul-min, who unintentionally raised the level, is not a problem for men and women, is also embarrassed. In the end, it can only be said that the production team’s greed to increase irritation caused anger.

The most problematic thing is that “Eden” is for audiences over 15. In principle, it means that it is a video that requires a guardian to be accompanied if a person under the age is watching, but it is questionable whether it is suitable for the current viewing grade because it is embarrassing to watch not only those under the age of 15 but also teenagers over.

Silhouettes of men and women under the covers and captions such as “It feels weird to be gentle” are displayed under the ticket. Can Eden, who seems to have “gave up” the level control at all because he could not distinguish between sexy and explicit, be in the eyes of high-nosed viewers who are immune to most romance reality? Next week, men and women are expected to stay together. The complacent analysis that the secret to Two Hot’s success will be exposure is feared to make Eden as remote as the real town of Eden in Erie County, New York

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