It’s not Burler Kershaw but Gonsolin Suddenly ACE won first place

It’s not Burler Kershaw but Gonsolin Suddenly ACE won first place


This season’s opening game. LA Dodgers’ starting mound, which was considered the 0th place to win the World Series, was considered the strongest. Walker Buehler (26) was also selected as the ace to lead the strongest mound.

However, the 2022 season is now in the middle. Currently, the pitcher leading the LA Dodgers’ mound is Tony Gonsolin (28), not Buehler or the existing ace Clayton Kershaw (34).

Gonsolin pitched 63 1/3 innings in 12 games of the season until the 16th (Korea Standard Time), recording eight wins, no losses, and a 1.42 ERA. 60 strikeouts.

He is the No. 1 winner in the Major League and the No. 1 ERA. In addition, Gonsolin is also ranked first in this category with 4.5 hits per nine innings.

Gonsolin has not received many opportunities since his major league debut in 2019. This is because the LA Dodgers’ starting mound was so solid.

However, there was a gap in the lower starting lineup this season, and Gonzollin is making good use of this opportunity to become the ace of the LA Dodgers.

In addition, Gonzollin started as a starting pitcher at the beginning of the season, but was not given many innings. This is because the batting order did not give credibility to his appearance after two or three laps.

However, Gonsolin has pitched six innings in five consecutive games. Quality start for 5 consecutive games. Now Gonsolin is aiming for a quality start+ by throwing more than seven innings.

Gonsolin’s best weapon to lead the LA Dodgers mound is considered a splitter. The average four-seam fastball speed has decreased compared to last year 파워볼사이트

As the splitter was controlled and stabilized, the power of the four-seam fastball, which decreased a little, also doubled. Gonsolin’s splitter usage rate is as high as 27%.

Ghosn Solin, who is in full bloom in his fourth year in the Major League. What is left now is to throw it to the end of the game and maintain its current power.

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