Burn Therapy Hospital MTS Ineffective Patients

Burn Therapy Hospital MTS Ineffective Patients


I went to a big hospital with a burn, but they didn’t treat me, so I called it MTS in a private hospital You know, there’s a bit of use at the dermatologist’s office I can tell you that you eat it by physically drilling holes in your skin I’m trying to make four cuts and turn them into normal skin tissue I treated a lot with CO2 professional laser

In conclusion, the treatment results are good He said it wasn’t treated well. What I’m saying is that when you’re angry, it looks better and softer than when you look at it It’s more colorful than this If you flip the story and explain it, there’s no need for that The scar was worse when I first saw Doyeon

The conditions are the same The conditions are the same, the conditions are the same, the conditions are the same, the conditions are the same, the conditions are the same, and the conditions are the same, so how much has improved

I didn’t see the effects. I did MTS and CO2 laser, but I didn’t see the effects I got only one burn scar After the first treatment, I did it with 3 levels of strength I didn’t do it weakly. I did it medium I didn’t get a steroid injection

It’s thick. It’s thick in two places. I booked the rest of them, and they’re all treated Second, you’ll be treated If I did it like 3,000 at first, I lowered the major power by 2,000 at the second time. We did it together

First, it’s better to deduct after treatment He said he was tingling and sick, so it took a long time It took three hours right now Not the right thigh, but the left thigh. It took about a while, and the patient said he was sick, so he had a cold anesthesia and had laser surgery 시알리스 파는곳

I’m doing it the third time It didn’t sting in the middle of the treatment, but after the treatment, it stings a lot I gave you cold anesthesia There are two thick spots. I applied a new ointment

There are two lasers that I changed this time. The second one was treated weakly at the end I also did Super Single Day. When I first told you, it didn’t have much effect, so I said I was worried a lot, but it didn’t have much effect Most patients feel the same way

Why can’t I remember? If you get better while you’re treating the patient, you can’t remember exactly what he was like before the first treatment, and if you go into the O.R., you can see that he’s got no complaintsIf you compare it with why it got worse and worse, it got better

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