Jeju’s 5,000 pyeong cafe interior is amazing Celebrity

Jeju’s 5,000 pyeong cafe interior is amazing Celebrity proof hot place


Kim Tae-kyun visited a cafe in Baekga.

On the 17th, comedian and singer Kim Tae-kyun wrote on his Instagram, “The finale of this Jeju schedule.”

“The gallery cafe that Baekga opened in Jeju.” First of all, what can’t you do if you have a great sense of architecture, and the interior and exterior of the back house makes you take a picture of each piece of furniture, object tableware, and even taste? Anyway, one more hot place for Big Famers to visit when they go to Jeju,” he added.

The released photos and videos contain Jeju Cafe, which was recently opened by Backga. The cafe, which boasts a size of 5,000 pyeong, is overwhelming with its neat interior and large scale. Kim Tae-kyun attracts attention by visiting such a cafe in the back street and showing off his loyalty.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-kyun is the host of SBS Power FM’s “2 o’clock Escape Cultwo Show.”

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