After the controversy over Pao-chai, Chu Ja-hyun Woo Hyo-kwang lamb

After the controversy over Pao-chai, Chu Ja-hyun Woo Hyo-kwang lamb skewers and beer


Choo Ja-hyun and Woo Hyo-kwang delivered their recent status through a video.

On the 16th, Chu Ja-hyun revealed her time at home with her husband Wu Hyo-kwang through her Chinese SNS account.

In the video, Chu Ja-hyeon grilled lamb skewers by burning charcoal on a wide terrace. Choo Ja-hyun, who said, “It’s my first time grilling skewers,” cooked a mountain of lamb skewers himself, and Woo Hyo-kwang appeared with a humorous expression, drawing laughter.

On this day, Choo Ja-hyun skillfully baked skewers with unbelievable skills. They also sprinkle various Chinese spices in comical poses and enjoy skewers. Choo Ja-hyun, holding a beer glass prepared together after grilling the skewers, drank a sip of beer with a Chinese toast saying, “For your happiness and health,” and tasted the grilled skewers and expressed satisfaction.

Since then, Choo Ja-hyun has enjoyed the atmosphere of a summer night by singing Deungryo-gun’s “Moonlight Representative Ajeoksim.” Chu Ja-hyun, who continued the skewer eating show while talking to Woo Hyo-kwang, said to the fans, “You want to eat it, right? Go eat. If you can’t go to eat, try it,” he said, promising to say goodbye to the fans, “I showed you how I spend this evening, and I’ll show you how I spend it again.”

Choo Ja-hyun and Woo Hyo-kwang married in 2017 and had a son, Bada. In March, the couple posted a video of eating ramen and kimchi on Choo Ja-hyun’s SNS account, but at the time, kimchi was marked as “Pao-chai” in the caption, causing controversy. Choo deleted the video and made an official apology.

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