Yui’s body profile shows healthy abs. Attention!

Yui’s body profile shows healthy abs. Attention!


Uee has unveiled her body profile that calls for admiration.

On the afternoon of the 17th, Uee posted a picture on her Instagram with the hashtag “#body profile.”

In the picture, Uee drew attention by showing off her solid abs line. Wearing a ball cap in the same color as green underwear, Uee gave off a healthy charm. Uee’s solid body line aroused admiration.

Uee, who debuted as After School in 2009, gained popularity under the nickname “Honey Thigh” at the beginning of her debut. However, as he continued his career in the entertainment industry, he was getting thinner and more worried about his fans. When Uee released her healthy body profile, fans responded with a hot response.

Meanwhile, Uee is starring in SBS funE ‘All That Muse 3’.

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