Younger Kim Junhee diet. How much did he suffer?

Younger Kim Junhee diet. How much did he suffer? He needs to have a skinny body to survive

Younger Kim

Kim Joon-hee told me again about her diet method.

Kim Joon-hee said on her SNS on the 20th, “I had a hard time with a harsh diet that my agency constantly forced me to do after I debuted as a singer at the age of 19, and I realized and practiced how to go on a real diet until now.”

“I’ve been doing ballet since middle and high school, and I have to have a skinny body regardless of my will to live a celebrity life,” he said after recalling the past. “However, after doing so many diets, I found that excessive diets can never last and harm my health.” And I found out through various trials and errors that there is a healthy diet method to lose weight healthily.”

He said, “Dieting should never hurt your health, overdo it, starve, or take strong medicine. You have to understand your body very wisely and smartly and approach diet scientifically. I can definitely do that!”

In addition, “I’m a picky eater, even if I choose food and eat the same food, I’m a picky eater by carefully checking ingredients and contents that are good for my body or ‘less’ fattening.” But I don’t limit my meals or starve,” he said, stressing that he is on a healthy diet while eating healthy food.

The photo released together shows a mirror selfie of Kim Joon-hee, who revealed her slim waist and solid abs.

Meanwhile, Kim Joon-hee married her non-celebrity husband in 2020 and is running a business together. His shopping mall attracted a lot of attention because it was reported that the sales range was around 10 billion won

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