Seolhyun’s standing signboard goddess’s beautiful legs

Seolhyun’s standing signboard goddess’s beautiful legs. She’s a mannequin


Seol-hyun showed off her luxury leg line.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Seol Hyun, a member of the group AOA and an actor, posted several photos on her Instagram with a message saying, “I made eye contact with my owner while taking a picture.”

Seol-hyun in the released photo is reading a book at a bookstore. He is showing off his superior beauty by taking a set shot.

In particular, wearing a miniskirt makes the legs stand out. Even if you wear slippers, you will be amazed by the way you show off your stretchy legs.

Meanwhile, Seol-hyun appeared in the recently ended tvN drama “The Murder’s Shopping List.” “Murderer’s Shopping List” is a super (market) comic investigation drama in which mart presidents, cashiers, and patrol officers deduce mysterious murders in ordinary neighborhoods with clues.

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