Burn skin transplant (sealing scar) I went to the hospital

Burn skin transplant (sealing scar)

Burn skin

I went to the hospital and got a skin transplant He removed the skin from his thighs and recognized the upper part of his ribs It’s a triangular shape, and there are clear scars on the skin There’s a color difference, and there’s a sutured scar on the spot It’s a little bumpy and has a clear color. It’s obviously a warm scar I’d like to introduce you to the whole process of treating this scar

I can tell you I’m here for a 20-year-old scar I asked him if I could drink alcohol while getting treatment for the first time Drinking alcohol is not good because it is a way to make your computer better if you can, so drinking alcohol improves your scar, but it is restricted and difficult to see the effect of removing the scar I told him that it’d be better to refrain from drinking

The first time I treated him, he covered up the main ingredient, and he was well maintained with gyo-dong

He said that he got better after just doing it once I’ll go third Third, when I came here to treat him, he was in a lot better shape than the first time, fat, definitely borderline, completely colored, and a lot better filter shape

It’s simple, bumpy, and different, and you can see the end zone, but it’s flat, the color is better, the boundaries are blurry, so I connect it to the patient and tell him to treat it well He said he had a burn wound and he was wondering if it was being treated well

I’m sure you’re curious You should think about it when you’re treating the scar. It’s going to get better It’s hard for a patient to feel that he’s gotten better It’s hard for a patient to see how things change because he’s looking at the mail with his scar I’m talking to the patient

It’ll work when you’re treated until the end Please don’t worry about the patient’s decision and treatment If you’re going to be treated at a hospital, feel free to get treated

I’ll tell you Because the treatment doesn’t improve all at once, it’s a problem-solving process, so it doesn’t solve everything once, but tries to solve everything that hasn’t been solved last time, and the treatment comes out great in the results Tomorrow’s first treatment is a lot better than the first time

The fifth one was treated I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better Second, I played it once when I played it, and I kept the secret I can tell you that it’s weird to compare the first one with me It’s a lot better than the first time. It’s a lot better, it’s a lot better, it’s a lot better, a lot better 비아그라구입

Looking at it now, the treatment is going well I know it’s better, but how well it’s been treated I’ll talk to the patients

I hope you’ll be as happy as your scar gets better It’s about time he got treated If you look at the borderline, when you only use the Suit Professional Laser, the pinhole effect will continue to come out If you compare it to a patient in the middle, tell them that it’s important to treat it in a hospital and don’t compare it to anyone else

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