He crashed into a 15-ton truck with Ko Myung-hwan and survived like

He crashed into a 15-ton truck with Ko Myung-hwan and survived like a time limit determination miracle


Comedian Ko Myung-hwan recalled the past when he was sentenced to a time limit due to a traffic accident.

TV Chosun’s Healthy House, which aired on the 20th, featured comedian Ko Myung-hwan and Kim Ip-bun’s hat.

Ko Myung-hwan, who was popular as a comedian and actor, made a surprise by saying that he made 1.3 billion won in annual sales by turning into a businessman.

Ko Myung-hwan, who originally did not dream of doing business, confessed that everything changed due to a traffic accident in 2005 when he filmed the drama “Haeshin.”

Ko Myung-hwan said, “I had a 15-ton truck and a car accident while coming up after filming. The bones broke more than 100 places, causing cerebral hemorrhage and heart bleeding. He said he could die in two days.

Kim Ip-bun said, “The sky collapsed and I couldn’t express it in words. I thought, “Am I alive now?” and recalled the dizzying time.

Kim Ip-bun said, “My son’s complexion is getting whiter. He said, “What’s wrong with you?” on a number of devices attached to the body, and he told the urgent situation that he couldn’t even move to the intensive care unit at the time. He said, “I just sat there and didn’t I thought I’d follow my son as soon as he left. There is no point in living,” he said with tears.

Ko Myung-hwan said, “I heard your heart could explode and die. They told me to make a will and do it if I have anything to organize,” he said, expressing the serious situation.

He then said, “I went to the intensive care unit after being judged by the time limit, and I survived like a miracle. Since death is approaching, I thought about living on my own will instead of being dragged around, and I am challenging my business and doing it until now,” he said, explaining why he turned into a businessman.

Meanwhile, Healthy Home airs every Monday at 7 p.m.

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