Dodgers’ No. 4 hitter’s shocking fall made 36 home runs

Dodgers’ No. 4 hitter’s shocking fall made 36 home runs the last place in ML batting


The LA Dodgers, which are seeking to win the World Series this year, are still ranked first in the National League West, but there are also clear factors of anxiety. He is 40-25 in 65 gamesThe Dodgers are trailing the San Diego Padres by half a game, and the San Francisco Giants are only three games ahead.

One of the Dodgers’ anxiety factors is the “fourth batter.” Even now, Max Muncy (32) is the fourth batter of the Dodgers, and his performance this season is so disastrous.

Muncy batted in the Dodgers in 2018 after passing the days of the Oakland Athletics, which was not a big deal.With 2,63,35 home runs and 79 RBIs, he emerged as a starting pitcher. His batting average in 2019 too.Muncy, who was selected as the first All-Star in his career with 2,5135 home runs and 98 RBIs, also batted last year.With 249 36 home runs and 94 RBIs, he was once again selected as an All-Star and enjoyed the excitement of surpassing 100 home runs in his career.

But this year is having its worst season. His batting average is only .153 and he only hit four home runs. All 19 RBIs. The on-base percentage is .327, which is higher than the batting average, but the slugging percentage is .270, which is disastrous 파워볼사이트

He has already been on the injured list once due to an injury to his left elbow. Muncy made a comeback in a visiting game against the Chicago White Sox on the 10th (Korea Standard Time) and hit two hits in five at-bats (one home run) and two RBIs as he avenged his opponent’s intentional four-ball operation with a home run, which is the latest highlight of Muncy. Since then, he has failed to add home runs or RBIs in eight games, and he has been batting .167 with one home run and five RBIs in June.

Muncy’s batting average.153 is the lowest in the Major League Baseball overall batting category. None of the batters who filled the regulation at-bats is worse than Muncy. Nevertheless, the Dodgers have continued to trust the fourth batter. Not only Muncy but also Justin Turner is batting average for the Dodgers.209, Cody Bellinger is staying at .212, and Mookie Betts is out of power due to a rib injury, and it is pointed out that strengthening the lineup is necessary to seek the World Series title.

The Dodgers were evaluated to have built a “Earth Defense Battalion lineup” when they recruited Freddie Freeman in the FA market last winter, but when they opened the lid, batters fell into a severe slump like Muncy and if there is no change in this pace, they will never be evaluated as the strongest batters

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