Don’t hold back the pimple around the anus and immediately

Don’t hold back the pimple around the anus and immediately go to the hospital


If you touch an anal acne, you need to be concerned with the growth and treatment of the surrounding area It’s one of the three major diseases of hemorrhoids, and it’s the only disease that’s hard to expect natural healing Let’s take a closer look at the pimple I can tell you that it’s chiru anal inflammation There’s an anus gland around it that protects the mucous membrane It helps relieve bowel movements. It secretes the main fluid, and bacteria penetrate the anus and cause inflammation

If the pus explodes, you try to go outside, so you can be suspicious if it touches the surrounding hole I’ll tell you that the cause of the outbreak has nothing to do with cleanliness It is likely to be caused by constipation or diarrhea caused by severe stress or irregular eating habits

I can tell you that it will be important to get it treated quickly because long-term treatment can complicate the treatment

It’s going on in all areas of the chiru anus, so if you have anal acne, I’ll tell you that you want to visit the hospital for an accurate diagnosis 시알리스구매

I can tell you that you should eat a lot of fiber-rich food and vegetables to prevent excessive drinking and regular bowel movements to prevent constipation and diarrhea. Above all, if you have any abnormal symptoms, you should not endure it and go to the hospital quickly

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