He just joined the Brazilian duo but the weight of the Arsenal

He just joined the Brazilian duo but the weight of the Arsenal striker has changed dramatically


England’s professional football Arsenal’s best lineup of the new season is expected. Amid recent news that Gabriel Jesus (25, Manchester City) and Hapina (25, Leeds United) are likely to recruit “Brazil Duo,” the weight of the attackers has changed significantly.

Arsenal failed to advance to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League for the sixth consecutive year, failing to smile in the fourth-place fight last season. The problem of lack of scoring ability has continued since the beginning of the season, and it was difficult to win points.

As a result, he is recruiting a storm amid a plan to strengthen the squad, especially the offensive team, this summer. He has already brought Fabio Vieira (22) and Marquis (19), and plans to recruit three to four additional players.

Currently, the most likely candidates for recruitment are Jeju and Hapi다a. According to the media “Global Edition” of this media (Goldcom), Arsenal is quite close to recruiting Jeju, and Hapinha also plans to officially bid to negotiate transfer fees. In addition, Yuri Tillemans (25, Leicester City) and Lisandro Martinez (24, Ajax) are also aiming.

Meanwhile, the British media “Football London” predicted Arsenal’s best Eleven in the new season, which was set up with existing players, in addition to newly joining players on the 21st (Korea Standard Time). The formation is a 4-3-3 formation that has been mainly used by coach Michel Arteta (40), as in last season.

Jeju is in the front line, and Bukayo Saka (20) and Hafi가a support the attack on the left and right. The midfield will be organized by Tillemans, Thomas Fati (29), and Martin 데degor (23). Kieran Tierney (25), Ben White (24), William Saliba (21), and Tomiyasu Takehiro (23) form a four-back line, and Aaron Ramsdale (24) protects the goal.

Only Jeju and Hapi만a joined, but the weight of the attackers has changed significantly from last season. Tillemans, who will inspire creativity in the midfield, is also expected to have excellent offensive skills, such as being good at creating opportunities 안전놀이터

Football London said, “If Arsenal succeeds in recruiting both Jeju and Hapi스와a this summer, it is expected and interesting because a strong offensive team can be created. “Tillemans will also be a perfect partner with Fatty and 르degor, and it can be a catalyst for TOP 4,” he explained.

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